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Two new mini-Aidan Gillen interviews...
Aidan - Grin - Chin on folded hands
xof1013 wrote in aidangillen
Meet the cast of Mayday

BBC1's new psychological drama follows the resisdents of a small Sussex town after a teenage girl goes missing. As time goes on the community start turning on each other and families struggle with the reality of suspecting someone they love...

Aidan Gillen plays Everett Newcombe, a single father living with his teenage son.

Can you tell us anything about your character?

"Everett is a single father, living like a squatter in his own respectable semi-detached. He doesn’t seem to do anything for a living. He’s louche, sexy, scruffy, and has a good yet cruel sense of humour when he can be bothered."

Is he a recluse, a bit of a loner or hiding a secret?

"He's seen as all of those things, by those who could be bothered, because he kind of is. Or maybe "private" would be another way of putting it. He'd definitely play into all that valley of the squinting windows type behaviour that can go on sometimes in small towns because it'd tickle him. At the root of all this, is, of course, a genuinely bruised human, dealing with it all the wrong way."

What is his relationship with his son Linus (played by Max Fowler) like?

"That relationship would be best classed as competitive. Linus is really more like the grown up one most of the time. Everett’s reverted to teenage-hood himself, while Linus wants to break out of it. But the teenage dad cramping his style isn't helping. They love each other though."

What attracted you to the role?

"I liked the tone of the script - I like a bit of darkness, I have to say, especially when it's imposed upon a seemingly peaceful, sleepy town. I always saw it as a twisted cousin of Midsomer Murders, with some very shady laughs. I was also interested in the type of dysfunctional parent/child relationship that was there for exploring. And working in such a good ensemble cast."

Irish actor Aidan Gillen has recently starred as Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones. He's also appeared in The Wire, Queer as Folk and The Dark Knight Rises.

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Gillen's had fill of cooking shows

01 March 2013

Aidan Gillen has hit out at reality shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and The Great British Bake Off for making less room for drama on TV.

The Irish actor - who also stars in hit US drama Game Of Thrones - plays a dysfunctional single father in new BBC murder mystery Mayday, and thinks there should be more new drama on British TV and less "cakes and fake tans".

Aidan said: "There's too much reality TV and cooking programmes and all that over this way now. People washing dishes or delivering milk or sleeping on TV, that sort of thing...

"Look back before Big Brother and Driving School (although I liked that one) and you've got Alan Bleasdale, Jimmy McGovern, Alan Clarke, Dennis Potter, Paul Abbott, Antonia Bird etc, etc. Some of these names are still current of course but you know what I mean.

"There's lots of good British and Irish comedy, and still the occasional knockout drama. I'd say plough more resources into that and less of the cakes and fake tans - that stuff's cheap and people like it, but there's more to be had.

"The budgets may not be able to be as huge but they don't need to be."

New suspense thriller Mayday, co-starring Sophie Okonedo, Peter Firth and Lesley Manville, begins on BBC One on Sunday night and runs for five nights in a row.

Aidan said: "I'm not sure of what the virtues of that kind of programming are, I'm sure somebody knows. I do know that nowadays people are well used to watching back-to-back episodes of dramas with either box sets or streaming services. In fact, for many people that's preferable."

:: Mayday begins on BBC One on Sunday, March 3 and runs consecutively over five nights

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